Special Rightholders Accounts

In our sole discretion, we may grant you access to a "Special Rightsholders Account," which will enable you to conveniently submit a list of URLs in a prescribed format for the purpose of requesting the removal of specific content or search results from our website.

To initiate the registration process for a Special Rightsholders Account, kindly complete the form provided below. It is imperative that all fields are duly filled out to successfully submit the form. Additionally, you are required to furnish supporting documentation that establishes your affiliation with a rightsholder. Please ensure that the documentation is in the form of a PDF file accessible via a URL link.

It is important to note that the granting of a Special Rightsholders Account is contingent upon your acceptance and adherence to the special terms and conditions associated with this account.

We anticipate that the registration form will be made available for your convenience in the near future.